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Hylé x Marlin: TEE-backed proving & verifying for Noir programs

We’re thrilled to announce that Hylé and Marlin are partnering to build a more secure and interconnected world. Using Hylé and Marlin, you can generate proofs and get them verified easily and cheaply while maintaining maximum security.

Our shared vision

Our shared goal is simple. We want to lower the cost of attestation verification to a negligible amount while guaranteeing excellent privacy. New applications will emerge once this barrier is lifted.

Marlin is a verifiable computing protocol. They feature Trusted Execution Enclaves (TEEs) and ZK-based coprocessors to delegate complex workloads over a decentralized node network. 

Together, Marlin and Hylé empower developers to open up a whole new area of provable apps that maintain blockchain confidentiality at the lowest possible cost.

Our partnership

Together, we are working on an end-to-end system leveraging Marlin’s TEEs to prove Noir programs.

Noir is a language tailor-made for the anonymity use-case of zero-knowledge proofs (more on this in an upcoming blog post!). The problem with Noir, or with zero-knowledge anonymity in general, is that you can’t easily offload proof generation if you want to remain anonymous.

Marlin’s prover network, Kalypso, outsources proof generation to Oyster, their network of dedicated Trusted Execution Enclaves. Their hardware ensures that the memory of a trusted execution enclave is only visible to code running inside that enclave, keeping the inputs confidential if needed. Of course, the code inside the TEE is also written in a privacy-first way. This allows for offloading proof generation while maintaining anonymity − truly the best of both worlds. 

Here’s where Marlin’s offering fits into the Hylé proof workflow, in one image:

An image showing the Marlin logo as the proving service, in the proving stage of the proof lifecycle diagram.

What you can do with Hylé and Marlin

Imagine you’re starting to plan your next airdrop. You want to send tokens to people who have already made valuable contributions to your ecosystem, so you decide to base your work on a credit score-type system.

You can let people link their addresses and prove ownership of all of them through Marlin’s Trusted Execution Enclaves, ensuring their privacy and security. These proofs are then verified by Hylé, allowing you to build a reliable reputation score based on true and verified ownership information.

You can develop a trustworthy credit scoring system by leveraging Marlin’s secure proof generation and Hylé’s robust verification process. It opens new avenues for decentralized financial services and collaboration incentives.