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Hylé x Gevulot: end-to-end censorship resistant proving & verifying

We’re delighted to announce that Hylé and Gevulot have decided to work together on building a more secure and interconnected world, partnering up to offer you top-of-the-line zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) generation and verification services.

Our shared vision

Together, we want to work toward the future of hybrid computation, where blockchain’s critical states are maintained onchain. At the same time, specialized environments handle computational and storage-intensive operations offchain. By leveraging ZKPs to provide a proof of all offchain state modifications and later reflecting them onchain, we can drastically reduce the costs of using the blockchain and enable the rise of a whole new provable world.

Gevulot and Hylé empower developers to create robust off-chain applications that are still backed by blockchain security without compromising performance.

Our partnership

Gevulot offers the first shared proving layer for the modular stack. They are abstracting all complexities linked to proving, providing free proof generation and verification through their Devnet and soon to their production-ready zkCloud, Firestarter.

Like Hylé, Gevulot can support any proof system: they aggregate proving workloads across the industry.

Hylé and Gevulot have a shared vision of a seamless zero-knowledge proof ecosystem. We want to remove the technical and financial barriers for all developers. Gevulot’s proving capabilities and Hylé’s specialized verification tool allow us to achieve this vision.

Here’s where Gevulot fits into the proof workflow, in one image:

A diagram of Hylé's workflow. The Gevulot logo shows up in the « proving service » section of the « prover » part of the graph, between application and verifier (that's Hylé).

What you can do with Hylé and Gevulot

Here’s what a Rollup as a Service can do, leveraging Hylé and Gevulot.

If you are a RaaS using the PolygonCDK, you can now ask Gevulot to generate your zk-proof seamlessly. Gevulot will take care of that. You can then submit the proof to Hylé, who will verify it − and you don’t need to worry about any of this.

Using Gevulot and Hylé in tandem means you can completely offload the complexity of generating and verifying proofs to us. Your rollup will benefit from faster and cheaper finality. You will be able to focus on your core business while we ensure that your operations are efficient and cost-effective.

This partnership is a great new chapter of our story and brings us closer to a fully decentralized, trustless environment where privacy and scalability meet the demands of advanced computation.