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Hylé × Sindri: the easiest way to harness zero-knowledge technology

We’re delighted to announce that Hylé and Sindri have decided to collaborate to build a more secure and interconnected world. With Sindri, you can use a modernized zero-knowledge proof DevOps and proving stack designed with the developer in mind. Hylé will then take care of verifying your proofs easily and at a low cost. 

Our goal: transforming ZKPs from a niche cryptographic concept into an accessible, universal utility.

Our shared vision

Sindri and Hylé answer the same pain point: zero-knowledge proofs are too hard. For now.

Our vision is one where infrastructure removes complexity from zero-knowledge proofs, allowing developers to harness cryptographic power without leaving their comfort zone. For that, we need an end-to-end ZK stack that’s simple and intuitive.

Our partnership

Sindri and Hylé tackle different steps in the modular proof supply chain with a single goal in mind: making ZK simple and efficient for developers. Sindri’s API and robust proving infrastructure, as well as Hylé’s native proof verification, enable that.

An image showing the Sindri logo as the proving service, in the proving stage of the proof lifecycle diagram.

What you can do with Hylé and Sindri

Right now, the teams running the prover infrastructure in production are mostly rollup teams. Other teams usually need more bandwidth, money, or experience to do it. And that should be fine − but for now, it’s a blocker.

We at Hylé feel like Sindri is what cloud computing did a while ago. Remember when you needed full-time infrastructure specialists to manage your website, and AWS came along for ease of use? That’s what Sindri is doing: opening the doors to ZK technology for everyone, not only the teams that can afford to specialize in it.

As a zkApp developer, you can generate validity proofs for thousands of transactions. You don’t need to manage complex proof generation infrastructure anymore. That’s the Sindri part.

Let’s say you’re building a machine-learning model based on health data. This data is sensitive, and you don’t want to be throwing it on the blockchain for regulation and ethical reasons. With Sindri, you can generate proofs privately; then, you can verify them in Hylé. Hylé is fully zero-knowledge, choosing only to store the states and effectively protecting all your data while allowing you to prove that you’ve used a suitable model for your computation.

With Sindri and Hylé, you’re saving weeks of developer time and the near-entirety of traditional verification costs. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s cheap.